Last Summer, while on vacation here in North Carolina, my family and I spent a day walking around a cute little village filled with unique shops. One of those was an Oil and Vinegar shop. We spent over an hour tasting and sampling the various flavors they offered and speaking with the owner. After leaving with our purchases, my Mother noted how excited I'd been while there and joked that I should open my own shop. Thus O+V was born! (Thanks for the idea, Mom)

After conducting extensive research, I flew to California for official training to learn all that I could about production, harvest and of course, the finished products. In December of 2019, we opened for business! 

I am a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and while I’m not regularly making mother sauces anymore, I have been known to whip up a savory hollandaise while camping! I understand the importance of cooking with high-quality ingredients-how it can make or break a truly great dish. The health benefits of consuming EVOOs and Balsamic Vinegars is an additional bonus. Ultimately, food is my passion and I'm thrilled to share these amazing products with you and your family. Cheers!